Thank You

I would be nowhere close to achieving these dreams without the love and support, ideas and encouragement, respect and enthusiasm of my wonderful parents. I am so incredibly grateful for you, Mom and Dad.

My sister, Carol, has been a steady source of fantastic business tips and marketing help, and is always there for me when I need a confidence boost or a laugh.

John and Kristin Kuck of Willits Veterinarian Hospital couldn’t be more generous with their support, resources, and time.  I have never met a more committed, passionate veterinarian or better surgeon and feel so blessed to have you as friends.

Mitch Meyers has made my goals possible by loaning me her wonderful property free of charge. I am extremely grateful for her dedication to incubating local agriculture, and I so admire her devotion to her flock of beautiful hens.

My network of beloved, farm-crazed girlfriends who keep me sane, share in my fear and rage and elation, and inspire each other’s pursuit of wisdom and joy and agriculture

My dear friends at Rock Bottom Ranch, who are always so generous with advice and creativity, and work their asses off serving the Valley community despite a steady stream of challenges. Peter and Caitlin, I don’t know what I’d do without you!

Steve and Jullia at Basalt Thrift Store – I can’t thank you enough for your passion for local agriculture and your help with advertising.

Vince and Paul and my many friends at Roaring Fork Crossfit, who provide the world’s best source of stress relief and have patronized and promoted my farming since I made my first pork chop. I wouldn’t be half so good at wrestling goats without your outstanding fitness program!

Bill and Becky of Midwest Permaculture planted many of these seeds with their fantastic permaculture courses. Their extraordinary warmth and enthusiasm touch innumerable lives with the message of permaculture, and inspired me to try to change the world through agriculture.

Gwen Garcelon has completely changed my life and helped me access fulfillment and happiness that I never thought I could achieve. I can’t recommend her coaching services and classes highly enough!

And finally, Wilbur and Penny, who make me smile all day long and work their hardest to keep me from getting obese

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