Rabbits are raised in family groups on intensively-rotated pasture in spacious mobile pens; They are a cross of New Zealand and Californians, selected for fast growth, tender meat, and hardiness on pasture. Their diet of foraged grass and insects is supplemented with Carbondale-grown, organic whole grains, spent grains from local breweries, and home-grown greens; Rabbits never receive antibiotics or hormones and they are humanely harvested onsite. I process all bunnies to order in a local, open air facility.  If you’d like to participate in slaughter and/or butcher, I’d be delighted to have the help!


The Mommas


The Bunny Mobile



Fresh Whole Rabbit: (2-5 lbs)   Pre-Order – $5/lb  Deposit: $8/small rabbit, $12/large    Retail – $5.50/lb

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