Pre-orders are a great way to support ethical farming (much like a CSA) and fund the purchase of awesome things like organic feed and ducklings!  To Pre-Order meat, or if you have any questions at all, please call Amy at 303-250-6027 or email me at

Here’s how Pre-Orders work:

  • Decide what meat you’d like to order and what size of animal would be best for your family (for example the chickens come in small 2.5-4 lbs or large 4-5.5lbs)
  • The deposit is calculated to be about 1/2 to 2/3rds of the final price of the animal, though that final price will vary depending on weight
  • The deposit is paid before the growing season begins to both give me a good estimate on how many animals to raise and to give me start up capital for purchasing livestock, feed, and equiptment
  • Call or email me to let me know what meat you’d like and we’ll set up payment. I can take cash or a check, or you can pay online with paypal.
  • Keep in touch for updates on your livestock, and feel free to set up a time to come visit the farm!
  • I’ll contact you to let you know an approximate slaughter date  for your reserved livestock, and if scheduling works out for reserving the butcher facilities we can arrange a date so you can pick up your meat fresh on the day of harvest
  • If we’re unable to schedule butchering so you can pick your meat up fresh, I’ll have your meat frozen and available for pick up at your convenience
  • Hogs, Goats, and Lambs will only be available frozen unless you’re buying a whole animal for roasting, as they will be butchered and packaged in an off-farm facility. These larger animals take one to two weeks longer for butchering due to the aging and curing processes.
  • If you would like to participate in or observe poultry and rabbit harvest and butchering I would be delighted to give you a tutorial and have your help. Just let me know!
  • Thank you!  Your support is what makes my farm possible!


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