Starting April 11th, 6-9 pm – Carbondale 3rd Street Center

Farmers, Ranchers, Gardeners, Foodies, and Friends –  Share, Learn, Eat and Greet with the RF Grange!

Eager to conspire with other local producers?  Looking for an amazing agricultural project to dive into?  Hungry for ethically grown, environmentally sound food?  Seeking answers to farming’s most persistent questions?

BYO: Dish for the potluck, Adult beverage of choice, a Notebook, and all your Ideas and Inspiration!

* The Grange, officially referred to as The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, is a fraternal organization in the US which encourages families to band together to promote the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture. The Grange, founded after the Civil War in 1867, is the oldest American agricultural advocacy group with a national scope.  ~ Wikipedia




Sunday, April 14th, 1 – 3 pm – Carbondale Dog Park

Sunday, April 21st, 1 – 3 pm – Crown Mountain Park

Dog Owners, Walkers, and Lovers – Lets band together and show our community how much we care!

Every spring all those dumps that disappeared into the wintery wasteland return, causing occasional distress amongst dog-poop-adverse park users.  Though these decomposing deposits of fertilizer are ultimately pretty darn good for soil health, they can harbor harmful pathogens or make for unpleasant surprises.  Our communities have embraced the off-leash antics of our wonderful canines, but any of us who’ve lived in less tolerant cities know how precious (and fragile) this leniency is.  We’re responsible dog owners, and we want everybody to know it!

BYO: Scooper and Bags for cleanup

BYO: DOGS, FRIENDS, and BEER for a celebration at the picnic area afterwards!

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  1. Posted by christy on March 31, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Wish I lived close enough to join you!


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