Raised on intensively-rotated pasture in spacious mobile pens with ample shade and shelter; Diet of foraged grass and insects is supplemented with Carbondale-grown, sprouted whole grains, spent grains from local breweries, and recycled produce from groceries and restaurants. Birds never receive antibiotics, hormones, or GMO feeds. I process all birds to order in a local, open air facility. If you’d like to participate in slaughter and/or butcher, I’d be delighted to have the help!

Pre-Order to save $.50/lb!



My chickens are of a specialty breed developed in Delta, Colorado for their foraging capabilities, hardiness on pasture, altitude tolerance, and flavorful meat. They are a combination of several breeds, predominately the Belle Rouge, Freedom Ranger, and Cornish. Though tender, they have a lot more flavor and a bit more tooth than a cornish cross, with a moderately large breast and more developed thigh. With their diverse, insect-rich, and low-grain diet they are far more nutritious than any other bird on the market. Their feathers range from white to red but are generally a mottled buff like the bird in the picture above. Every bird is unique and some have slight skin pigmentation, which looks quite beautiful browned. They grow to harvest size in ten to twelve weeks.

Butchered Whole Chickens: (2.5 – 5.5 lbs) Pre-Order – $4.50/lb with deposit of $10/bird.    Retail –  $5.00/lb

Live Whole Chickens: (6-8 lbs) $15/Bird



Muscovy Ducks add a lot of feisty character to my pastures, and they will certainly add a delicious flare to your dinner table!  First domesticated by native peoples in Central and South America well over six centuries ago, the Muscovy Duck has retained the foraging skills and survival savvy to survive in the wild in many parts of the world.  While originally a tropical bird, Muscovys are well adapted to cold weather, possibly explaining their popularity in Russia and the root of their modern name (of Moscow). They are also less dependent on water than other duck breeds, making them more suited for life on pasture. As the only domestic duck not bred from a Mallard, the Muscovy has a uniquely lean and tender carcass, with a flavor that is often compared to roast beef.  My muscovys live in paddocks with my hogs, where they can enjoy splashing in kiddy pools and have the added protection from predators that pigs provide.

Whole Muscovy Duck: (4-6 lbs) Pre-Order – $6.00/lb with deposit of $15/bird.       Retail –  $6.50/lb



Guineas are about as strange looking as they are beautiful, and make some of the oddest noises heard on a farm. Their meat is dark and delicate, the texture similar to chicken but juicier, and the flavor often described as somewhere between turkey and pheasant. A guinea is perfect for a special occasion and the carcass will make an exceptionally rich and flavorful stock. Guineas are beloved for their voracious appetite for insect pests, especially ticks and wasps, and are vigilant watchdogs for predatory birds and snakes. They are some of the hardiest and most disease-resistant of domestic fowl once past their first six weeks of life, and are able to thrive in harsh climates.

Whole French Guinea: (3-4.5 lbs) Pre-Order – $7.50/lb with deposit of $15/small bird.         Retail –  $8.00/lb

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