Duck Eggs


Duck eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs but are slightly silkier in texture. They are excellent for baking, making cakes richer and fluffier and helping baked goods stay moist longer.  Duck eggs will be in quite limited supply as I’m hoping to raise up quite a few ducklings this summer!


Chicken Eggs

Eggs: $6/doz

Weekly Share: $5/doz

Chicken eggs are a variety of colors, including greens, blues, browns, and whites.  My current flock is mostly araucana hens with one white rock, one black rock, and one buff orpington.

Hens and Ducks are pastured in spacious mobile paddocks to optimize their opportunities to forage a balanced diet of plants and insects. Their feed is supplemented with Carbondale-grown, sprouted whole grains, spent grains from local breweries, and recycled produce from groceries and restaurants;  Birds are never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

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