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Rehab, Again!


I do not like to stroll or stand.
What kind of dog do you think I am?

I will not go slow
on that leash.
I will not go slow.
for bacon treats.

I will not go slow
on a sedative.
I have all the funnest
of funs to live!

I will not go slow
with a cone.
One whole knee
Isn’t even blown!

I will not go slow
in the house.
I need to steal
the catnip mouse.

I will not go slow
in a small room.
My only speed is
Vroom Vroom Vroom!

I will not go slow
because it hurts.
I only really need
one leg that works.

Not in the house! Not with the mouse!
Not on a leash for bacon treats!
I will not go slow here or there.
I will not go slow anywhere.
I do not like this, human being
Let me run, let me spring!


Joel Salatin: Farm Bill Squashes Innovation in Sustainable Agriculture

A clear and concise look at the irrationality of padding weak practices with subsidies rather than letting consumer choice and production innovation move the agricultural marketplace forward. All the buzz over GMO labeling shows the people are ready for progress, yet federal programs and regulations continue giving commodities enough life support to reign over real food.

Joel Salatin’s Q&A in GreenBiz

Hogs at Polyface

1000 hogs in one of New Fashion Pork’s barns (eating gov’t subsidized feed)